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Fall (2022 Movie) is a 2022 American Film written in the Genre of Drama and Thriller content. Jonathan Frank and Scott Mann completed the script writing works, and Mann himself front to direct the Fall (2022 Movie). The Movie stars Grace Caroline Currey, Mason Gooding, Julia Pace Mitchell, Virginia Gardner, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Jasper Cole.

The film is not premiered at any Film Festival at the moment. But the critics wrote a positive opinion about the Movie Trailer. The Movie is waiting to release on August 12, 2022, under the banners of Tea Shop Productions and Capstone Studios.

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Fall (2022)

Becky (Grace Caroline Currey) and Hunter (Virginia Gardner) are two pals planning to do an adventure. At the end of the plan, they decided to do rock climbing for fun. Both Women had already had many experiences like climbing mountains, tall buildings, towers, etc. Grace Caroline Currey, a member of the climbing squad, stopped her climbing adventures for fun after she faced the terrible loss of one of her friends during the last trip.

When Hunter asks for the New Climbing Journey to a tower, she immediately says no. Hunter knew about her passion for climbing and insisted on joining the daring journey to rediscover her skills and fun attitude. At last, these two fellows decided to climb the Top of a deserted radio tower. The tower is found 2000 feet in the air. Becky is climbing this tower because she plans to spread her Lost Boyfriend’s Ashes from the Top.

The Movie is about thriller content as we all do not know what will happen next. In a scene, when both try to climb the decaying tower, both friends lose their foothold. The Shaky Ladder falling off is the reason for losing the foothold, and their climbing skills are tested now. Becky and Hunter are superb climbers, and their friendship with Bond is the reason for their strong battling skills. The problem is that they can’t even reach out to others if they get stuck at any point. It’s the only tower in that area, and it is hard to seek others’ assistance whenever needed. The next issue is phone network is not available, and they can’t get help via telephone until they come down to the tower.

Lionsgate released a new trailer for the Fall (2022 Movie) in July and got a positive response worldwide. The difficulties and fatal circumstances faced by the two friends were well shown in the trailer. Becky is trying to recover from the Loss of his Boyfriend and trying to recover from the accident while doing mountain climbing. Becky’s best friend Hunter comes into the picture, and they decide to climb the 2,000 feet tower to overcome the sad past. After climbing the 2,000 Feet Successfully, these two friends are finding it difficult to come down. Both experts’ skills are tested throughout the movie, and they must fight for survival. The professionally created movie will give us the adrenaline-filled adventure clippings on August 12. Fingers crossed!

Fall (2022 Movie) Full Details

  • Fall (2022 Movie) Release Date: August 12, 2022
  • Original Language: English
  • Fall (2022 Movie) Dubbed Version: No Data Found
  • Movie Genre: Drama and Thriller
  • Cast and Crew – Grace Caroline Currey, Mason Gooding, Julia Pace Mitchell, Virginia Gardner, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Jasper Cole
  • Movie Director – Scott Mann
  • Script Writer – Jonathan Frank and Scott Mann
  • Music Composer – Tim Despic
  • Cinematography – MacGregor
  • Movie Producers – Christian Mercuri, Mann, James Harris, and Mark Lane
  • Production Control – Tea Shop Productions and Capstone Studios

Fall (2022) Release

Fall (2022 Movie) will be released only in the theatres on August 12, 2022. The Fall (2022 Movie) was planned to be released early. Still, the Movie Team decided to take some risky shots, and it took more time to complete the shooting and production works. Finally, the production team set the release date for the Fall (2022 Movie) Film as August 12, 2022.


  • Grace Caroline Currey
  •  Virginia Gardner
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan
  • Mason Gooding
  • Julia Pace Mitchell
  • Jasper Cole


The Music Director, Tim Despic, composed the Fall (2022 Movie) background scores. He completed writing the movie background score for the Thriller’ Final Score’ starring Pierce Brosnan for the 2018 release. The Music scores for the Final Score movie became a massive hit, and he was appointed again by Director Scott Mann for the Movie Fall (2022 Movie).


Jonathan Frank initially wrote Fall (2022 Movie) story scripts. Later, Jonathan Frank and Scott Mann completed the Movie script writing works, and Mann was appointed as the Director for the Fall (2022 Movie). The Production house decided to drop the FALL Movie only in theatres in August and got a fair Distribution price for the release.


The Fall (2022 Movie) trailer was released on July 12, 2022. Already 2 93 000 + viewers watched the Fall (2022 Movie) Trailer and enjoyed the making. You can watch the Fall (2022 Movie) Trailer in HD mode now using the below link

Watch this Fall (2022 Movie) starring Grace Caroline Currey and Virginia Gardner in your nearby theatres to get the Top movie experience. 


1. Is this Fall (2022 Movie) available on the OTT platform?

The Fall is a theatrical release, and the Movie Team decided to drop the Film in Theatres from August 12, 2022.

2. Who’s the Director of the Fall (2022 Movie) Drama Movie?

Scott Mann is the Director of the Fall (2022 Movie).

3. What is the fall (2022 Movie) Budget?

The budget to make the Fall (2022 Movie) English Movie is not yet released. Maybe the Production Control will report it later to the Social Media or Press. 

4. Who’s the producer for this Fall (2022 Movie) Film?

Christian Mercuri, Mann, James Harris, and Mark Lane are the producers of Fall (2022 Movie).

5. What is the Fall (2022 Movie) Genre?

Drama and Thriller are the different Genres of Fall (2022 Movie).

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