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Day Shift is a 2022 American Vampire action and comedy thriller film direct by J.J Perry. It’s a debut Movie direction for J.J Perry, and everybody already sees his skills in the Trailer. The Day Shift Movie script works were given to the writers Shay Hatten and Tyler Tice. Top actors like Jamie Foxx, C.S Lee, Eric Lange, Dave Franco, Oliver Masucci, Steve Howey, and more did their best for this Film.

The producers of this film decided to release this Movie on the Netflix Online Streaming Platform. The Day Shift Vampire Comedy Horror Thriller Film will be released through the Netflix Online Streaming Platform on August 12, 2022.

Day Shift Full Movie Download

Day Shift

 Jamie Foxx is starring in this Vampire comedy action and Thriller film as a hard-working father. All he does in this Movie is to work hard and provide his 8-year-old daughter a good life. He acted as an employee who works as a Valley Pool cleaner (a cover job to do his real Vampire Hunting job). The prime duty of our Hero is to Hunt and Kill the Vampires in the state.

Jamiee is one of the members of the International Union of Vampire Hunters. All the members in the vampire hunt unit joined in killing the vampires, and this Movie comes under the action-comedy list. Also, viewers can expect thriller content here and there during movie time. Already, Netflix subscribers and the general audience enjoyed the comedy content shown in the trailer and eagerly awaited the August 12, 2022 release. 

This Movie is directed based on the story by Tice. Movie Direction works are handled by J.J.Perry, who is making a directorial debut with this Film. We all know J.J Perry already worked as a second-unit director in the top action Movies like Blood Shot, Fate of the Furious, Fast and the Furious 9th Chapter, and more. Also, he worked as a stunt coordinator in the John Wick Chapters. As a person, J.J Perry excelled in his skills in the Martial Arts in 1975 and started Action work as his profession in the late 1980s. He used all his twenty-four years of experience in martial arts and stunts in the action scenes of the Day Shift Film. 

The trailer has a lot of power and hints of comedy and violence. With Jamie Foxx seemingly clasping his role, all the Netflix OTT Platform Subscribers can expect Thriller and Shocking Moments in the home seat. Also, we can’t take the credits from Snoop Dogg, who seems to have given his dedicated acting for this Film. Pool Cleaning Job and Vampire hunting is a unique idea, and this Netflix Movie will provide us with a perfect 2 + hours of entertainment on August 12, 2022. Fingers Crossed!

Day Shift Movie Full Details

  • Day Shift Release Date: August 12, 2022
  • Original Language: English
  • Day Shift Dubbed Version: No Data Found
  • Movie Genre: Action, Comedy, Adventure, and Thriller
  • Cast and Crew – Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Steve Howey, Scott Adkins, Karla Souza, Eric Lange, Dave Franco, Meagan Good, Tetiana Gaidar, Jamie Foxx, Oliver Masucci, Snoop Dogg, and C.S. Lee
  • Movie Director – J.J. Perry
  • Script Writer – Shay Hatten and Tyler Tice
  • Music Composer – Tyler Bates
  • Movie Producers – Shaun Redick, Chad Stahelski, Yvette Yates Redick, and Jason Spitz
  • Production Control – 87North Productions and Impossible Dream Entertainment

Day Shift Release

Day Shift Movie will be released on the Netflix Online Streaming OTT Platform on August 12, 2022. The Day Shift Movie was planned to be released by July 2022. Some of the editing works were pending, and the movie team couldn’t be able to complete the work on time. Finally, the production team set the release date for Day Shift Film as August 12, 2022.


  • Jamie Foxx as Bud Jablonski
  • Steve Howey
  • Scott Adkins
  • Karla Souza as Audrey San Fernando
  • Snoop Dogg as Big John Elliott
  • Natasha Liu Bordizzo as Heather
  • Meagan Good as Jocelyn
  • Oliver Masucci as Klaus
  • C.S. Lee
  • Dave Franco as Seth
  • Eric Lange
  • Zion Broadnax as Paige


The Music Director, Tyler Bates, composed the Day Shift movie background scores. Tyler Bates is an American Music Director famous for his music scores on video games, films, and the Television series. Nowhe again delivered the unique music works for the Day Shift Movie.


Tyler Tice initially wrote day Shift Movie story scripts. Later, Shay Hatten rewrites the script to make it engaging and complete. J.J Perry is appointed as the director for the Day Shift Movie. The Production house decided to sell the Movie to Netflix and got a reasonable price for the release on the OTT platform. Netflix officially announced that they would release this Movie on their OTT platform. In October 2020, Netflix announced this information and added characters like Chad Stahelski, Jamie Foxx, Jason Spitz, and Yvette are producing this film. Fox joined the cast in 2020, and additional cast members were added in April 2021. Photography works started in the 3rd week of April 2021 and ended by the 4th week of August 2021. 


The Day Shift Movie trailer was released on July 11, 2022. Already 4 800 000 + viewers watched the Day Shift Movie Trailer and enjoyed the making. You can watch the Day Shift Movie Trailer in HD mode now using the below link

Watch this Day Shift Movie starring Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco, and Snoop Dogg on your Netflix OTT Platform to get the Top movie experience. 


1. Is this Day Shift Movie available on the OTT platform?

The Day Shift Movie is an OTT release, and the Movie is open from August 12, 2022, on Netflix.

2. Who’s the director of the Day Shift American Movie?

J.J Perry is the director of Day Shift Movie.

3. What is the budget for the Day Shift Movie?

The budget to make the Day Shift English Movie is ten crores in USD.

4. Who’s the producer for this Day Shift film?

Shaun Redick, Chad Stahelski, Yvette Yates Redick, and Jason Spitz are the producers of Day Shift Movie.

5. What is the genre of the Day Shift Movie?

Action, Comedy, and Thriller are the different Genres for the Day Shift Movie.

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