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The JAADUGAR Movie trailer was released on the date June 21, 2022. Already, 20,940,162+ viewers watched JAADUGAR Movie Trailer on YouTube and enjoyed the Making. You can watch the Video in HD mode using the link below.


  • Jitendra Kumar acted in the Male Lead Role as Meenu Narang
  • Arushi Sharma acted in the Female Lead Role as Disha Chhabra
  • Javed Jaffrey as Pradeep Narang
  • Raj Qushal as Lalli
  • Raksha Pannwar as Dipa
  • Shoan Zagade as Riju
  • Sandeep Shikhar as Ramswaroop
  • Manoj Joshi as Magician Chhabra


The Musical Score for JAADUGAR Movie is composed by Music Director Nilotpal Bora. Hussain Haidry wrote the JAADUGAR Movie Song Lyrics. Karthick and other leading singers were also joined to sing the songs for Jaadugar Film.


Netflix India has made their official announcement about the Jaadugar Film in the year March 2021. The movie Team named the title “JAADUGAR.” This Film is about Magic, Fantasy, Romance, and other sports elements. Once Director Sameer Saxena finished the script, he showed interest in hiring Jitendra Kumar for the Male Lead Role. As the Role demands a chubby face, the production house hired Jitendra Kumar for the Film. Later, Arushi Sharma got her call to do the Female Lead Role for the Jaadugar Film. Posham Pa Pictures released this Film under their banners. Amit Golani, Sameer Saxena, Biswapati Sarkarand Saurabh Khanna invested money in the Making. A small budget of 5+ Crores was spent for the Jaadugar Film Making. The Movie team took less than a year to complete the shooting and immediately sold the Movie to Netflix India.

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